artist's quality colours made with permanent pigments in 100% acrylic resin

available in 60ml, 125ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1.125L sizes (prices vary according to pigment and size)

prices are listed in Canadian dollars

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a high quality opaque ground, for preparing surfaces prior to painting

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Our clear mediums are made from 100% acrylic resin ~ For extending acrylic colours to make them "go further," or to modify their sheen and consistency ~ Can be added to acrylic colours without limit. Also for coating finished work and in collage and mixed media work.

prices are listed in Canadian dollars

Water-soluble drawing tools handmade in Portugal by ArtGraf.

Dry pigment is sold by volume in 2oz glass jars. Weights in 2oz jars will vary from pigment to pigment from 20g to 60g depending on the density of the pigment. Some settling may occur. Larger quantities and pricing by weight are available by special request. 

prices are listed in Canadian dollars

Dry Pigment Price List

empty vials, bottles and jars in various sizes for storing paint and other materials

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Handmade artist's brushes made in Barcelona by Escoda.

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Selected to create the broadest range of hues using only limited pigments and their blends. Priced at over 10% less than what you would pay for individual tubes.

prices are listed in Canadian dollars

Everything you need to make paint at home. For more information on making homemade watercolour paints, click here.