NEW COLOUR: Phthalo Turquoise

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Introducing our new colour, Phthalo Turquoise. Our blend consists of Phthalo Blue and Phthalo Green pigments, plus a small addition of Zinc White.  Phthalo Turquoise has high tint strength and a translucent, emerald like blue-green undertone.  In combination with Raw Titanium, Titanium White, or Zinc White, Phthalo Turquoise will produce an array of aquamarine blends.

As with all of our new pigments and blends, we are excited to show off how Phthalo Turquoise behaves when mixed with other colours.  Check out some of our favourite results below:

 Phthalo Turquoise, Turquoise, Blue-Green, Burnt Sienna, Dioxazine Violet, Arylide Yellow, Cadmium Orange, Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green

  1. Phthalo Turquoise with Arylide Yellow
  2. Phthalo Turquoise with Nickel Azo Yellow
  3. Phthalo Turquoise with Burnt Sienna
  4. Phthalo Turquoise with Cadmium Light Yellow and Titanium White
  5. Phthalo Turquoise with Cadmium Orange
  6. Phthalo Turquoise with Nickel Azo Yellow
  7. Phthalo Turquoise with Dioxazine Violet
  8. Phthalo Turquoise with Benzi Burnt Orange
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