NEW COLOUR: Cobalt Teal

Cobalt Teal is so undeniably beautiful! And it is now available in store and online.

This is genuine Cobalt Teal- an inorganic, synthetic, mixed metal oxide formed by the calcination of cobalt oxide and aluminum oxide. It is one of the most precious, and therefore expensive pigments available to artists. It is often imitated by mixing less expensive pigments (such as ultramarine, however never successfully as an exact match of the genuine hue as it has especially unique characteristics). It was first discovered by Thenard in France in 1802, and introduced as an artist’s colour in the 1820s.

Cobalt Teal has a greenish-blue hue and is an extremely opaque pigment with a very light mass tone (one of the lightest for blue pigments without the addition of white). Its opacity and light value give it a unique glowing mass tone, similar to the dayglow type effect of cadmium orange. It has average tinting strength similar to its relatives, cobalt blue pure and cerulean blue. Cobalt Teal has excellent lightfastness and weather fastness, making it suitable for outdoor applications.


NEW COLOUR: Nickel Azo Yellow

We are so happy to include Nickel Azo Yellow into the Kroma colour palette. This was a bit of a long time coming, but is the first of a stream of new pigments and products we hope to unroll this year. We hope you enjoy!

Nickel Azo Yellow is an azo/nickel complex organic pigment which has a dull, brownish-yellow mass tone with a clean greenish undertone. It is very translucent with strong tinting power and excellent lightfastness. Because of its tinting power and translucency, it is very useful for glazing techniques and watercolour style washes.


Custom Digi-Blue Paint for the Film Industry

We were recently asked to custom formulate a very special blue screen paint for a production that is currently in town. We had so much fun! Here are some action shots from our production...

Can anyone remember the Alan Wood Ranch Project from the 80s?

Ranch: The Alan Wood Ranch Project, a film by Steve DeNure and Chris Lowry (1985, 25 min.)

Recently while brainstorming for a project on Granville Island we were reminded of Alan Wood's Ranch Project from the 80s - and then found this clip from an equally special film that Chris Lowry and Steve DeNure made about it in 1985 that is a work of art in itself. The Alan Wood Ranch Project is an art installation on 320 acres of land in the foothills of the rocky mountains. Each piece of wood is wrapped in artist's canvas and painted with Kroma paint using a special painting machine.

We are posting this excerpt from the film with permission from Chris Lowry. More about Chris Lowry here: Ecotone Productions